Gene Maclellan Stories

In the early 1970’s you could barely go a day without seeing him on TV or hearing him on radio, from his appearances on CBC’s Singalong Jubilee, or as a guest on every music and variety show on the air. The eye patch, the hippy vests, national newspaper and magazine profiles, we thought we knew him well. And then, just like that, he disappeared.  For decades rumours swirled about MacLellan. That he was a recluse hiding on a farm on Prince Edward Island. That he had quit music, hadn’t written a song or played a show in years, that he had given away all his money. His premature death in 1995 only strengthened those rumours, media obituaries repeating them, and the stories became legends. It turns out much of what we thought we knew about MacLellan was wrong, and the reality was even more colourful and remarkable.

It’s time to dispel the myths, for fans to gather and share their stories of Gene and most importantly to celebrate the music of Gene MacLellan.

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